The Key Asset Services

Corporate Wellness Programs

Key Asset are experts in creating customised company-wide wellness programs to benefit all employees and overall business performance.

Based on company needs and working toward your desired outcomes, Key Asset will create and implement a strategy that will ensure maximum engagement from employees. Structured using the 4 areas of energy model, we will provide strategies that might include interactive workshops, one-on-one Wellness Assessments & coaching and online resources.

Understanding that engagement is key to a successful program, programs are designed to generate investment from leadership that filters throughout the business. Interactive launch workshops generate enthusiasm and encourage further participation in the program. Key Asset has created wellness assessment and coaching programs that drive real change and deliver measurable results. Targeted workshops and online resources ensure on going momentum of change in key areas of concern.

Key Asset will provide detailed reporting of team statistics and utilizes this to identify key concerns and areas that require focus and change.

One-on-One Wellness Assessments

 Key Asset has developed a proven Wellness Assessment program that assesses all aspects of life and provides a plan to improve each through small achievable goals. With the focus on improving energy, everyone can benefit from this assessment regardless of current health and fitness state.

Employees complete a comprehensive questionnaire followed by a confidential face to face assessment.  Covering all aspects of health and wellbeing the assessment includes fitness testing as well as a blood test to get an overall indication of wellness.

During the assessment, Key Asset will identify key areas of concern or potential goals for improvement and provides a report of the results and an achievable, realistic plan for the individual.  Key Asset can tailor a specific lifestyle plan based on the Wellness Assessment, that includes fitness goals, dietary recommendations, stress management advice and lifestyle changes. All designed to enhance energy and overall health and wellbeing.

*Key Asset does not provide medical treatment and if, during the assessment process, medical issues are identified, the individual will be alerted and information will be provided for them to take to their own doctor for follow up and treatment.

One-on-One Health & Lifestyle Coaching

 Once a Wellness Assessment has been completed, Key Asset highly recommends clients undergo a series of Health & Lifestyle Coaching sessions to take the findings from the assessment and implement them into a real-life action plan.

In these confidential face-to-face sessions clients will work with their Key Asset team member to design a lifestyle plan personalized with their time constraints, personality and fitness and health goals specifically in mind. The Key Asset team is also available in between sessions to provide motivation, inspiration and answer any questions clients may have to help them stay on track.  Regular re-assessments are conducted to track progress and review goals.

Key Asset’s One-on-One Health & Lifestyle Coaching program is a comprehensive way for individuals to achieve their ideal lifestyle in an environment that is supportive, encouraging and catered specifically to their needs.

High Performance & Leadership Workshops

Key Asset can design High Performance and Leadership Workshops specific to your business to empower your staff and leaders.  Designed to achieve maximum impact and engagement, these interactive workshops will start a change in the way your employees think about wellness and how energy influences every aspect of life. Providing a common language and understanding creates an environment of group support to achieve personal and team goals. You will notice team members referring to what they learn as they encounter relevant situations and events.

Adam Herps delivers powerful and engaging workshops on a variety of wellness topics that provide valuable information and skills that change behavior and improve quality of life.  Adam’s enthusiasm for health and wellbeing drives him to constantly be informed of current developments and research in wellness ensuring the message he delivers is fresh and relevant.

Core areas of focus include but are not limited to:

  • Health promotion – including information on how to maximise performance and maintain energy levels through healthy eating and exercise;
  • Corporate athlete workshops and seminars – a guide to how a holistic approach to living well is essential to workplace performance and how to achieve this;
  • Team based workshops for building resilience and colleague bonding.

Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Advice

As part of the coaching program, Key Asset can be there to assist and guide your people to improve strength and rehabilitate musculoskeletal issues. This approach can bring about real measurable change in production based staff that translates to reduction in soft tissue injuries and ultimately reduced costs.

Our approach is also highly beneficial to individuals who are returning to work after injury. We work in conjunction with existing treating GP and physiotherapist to ensure the most evidence based and timely recovery for our people.